Heritage International School

Kampala, Uganda


The Early Years Committee, the Elementary Principal, the Secondary Principal, and the Head of School determine admission to the School. The following criteria are applied:

• The applicant's ability to benefit from the school's academic program
• Space in the appropriate Grade level
• The capacity of the school to meet the educational needs of the applicant
• The ability of the applicant's family to meet the financial obligations of the school


The students enrolled at HIS are classified as:

• Full Time Student - students enrolled in a regular full time schedule for the school-year (enrolled full time from August – May).
• Transferee - students enrolled in a regular full time schedule in the middle of school year or enrolled for just a semester.
• Part-time Early Years - students in Pre-school who are offered a structured educational program for 2-3 days in a week.
• Home School Link (HSL) - homeschooled student enrolled at HIS for social interaction.
• Home-school Affiliate (HSA) – students from another school affiliated to HIS extracurricular activities.
• Online Student – students enrolled at HIS online program through SEVENSTAR.
• Temporary student – students enrolled at HIS for less than one quarter.


All enrolling students must submit the following forms:

• Student Application
• Student Health Record (including Authorization for Emergency Medical Care)
• School Fees Agreement 
• Photo and Video Release
• Confidential School Report Grade K-5 or 6-12
• Personal Reference 

As well as copies of the following:

• Immunization Records
• School records: Report cards/transcripts from previous school, Individual Education Plan and Psych. Assessment if applicable
• Proof of age (copy of Birth Certificate or Passport)
• Chart for courses and hours completed - ONLY FOR HIGH SCHOOL (Grades 9-12)


Each new Applicant/transferee will be assessed initially based on their age bracket.  Please see the chart below.

Pre-school l - 2 ½ before August 31st
Pre-school ll - 3 before August 31st
Junior Kindergarten - 4 before August 31st
Kindergarten - 5 before August 31st
Grade 1 - 6 before August 31st
Grade 2 - 7 before August 31st
Grade 3 - 8 before August 31st
Grade 4 - 9 before August 31st
Grade 5 - 10 before August 31st
Grade 6 - 11 before August 31st
Grade 7 - 12 before August 31st
Grade 8 - 13 before August 31st
Grade 9 - 14 before August 31st
Grade 10 - 15 before August 31st
Grade 11 - 16 before August 31st
Grade 12 - 17 before August 31st

Students are almost always placed in a grade with their peers according to age. If the school tests highlight areas of concern the school may in discussion with the parents decide to place children in a lower grade to provide a better academic environment for the children. Promotions are recommended at the end of the school year based on student performance. If a student is not eligible for promotion to the next grade parents will be informed and invited to school to discuss ways forward for their child.

Religious preferences of parents and students are respected by the school, however, all classroom instruction is in the context of the Christian ethos of the school. All students will be required to participate in the religious instruction and activities of the school.

Students may be admitted throughout the school year. Parents should provide evidence of recent previous schooling.