Heritage International School

Kampala, Uganda

Students at Heritage have the opportunity to be involved in a variety of enrichment activities. These are designed to give students the chance to grow and discover their interests and talents. These activities also allow students to visit new places and learn more about Uganda.

After-School Enrichment Clubs

At the beginning of each semester, students have a selection of after-school clubs they can choose to sign-up for. Recent options have included Taekwondo, cooking, sewing, photography, web-site design, instrument instruction and more. Clubs are also open to students who use our Home Schooling Services.

Field Trips 

Throughout the semester, students participate in educational outings with their classes. These trips are always much anticipated and enjoyed. Field trips allow students to see lessons they have learned in the classroom come to life. The Entebbe Zoo and the French bakery are 2 favorites every year!

Activities Week

Included in our Enrichment program for secondary students is a week of special field trips that we call "Activities Week". During this week, each grade participates in some type of field trip. The cost and length of each trip increases by grade level and is partially wrapped into the tuition cost. Trips range from overnight quad biking trips in Jinja to the annual Senior Trip, in which the Grade 12 class chooses a destination for a weeklong trip.

Senior Work Experience

Senior students engage in a weeklong work experience, generally at the end of the 3rd quarter. They are encouraged to work in an area that interests them. In the past students have worked in various fields such as engineering, manufacturing, marketing, health, and social work. This is a mandatory requirement for graduation. 

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