Heritage International School

Kampala, Uganda


Our library plays a key role in Heritage’s mission to provide quality education that equips each student to develop their God-given potential for a life of faith and service.

We offer an array of resources including current reference books, biographies, inspirational stories, classics, religious literature, travel books, foreign language titles, and audio and visual resources. Our library houses over 20,000 books!

Over the years, Heritage has significantly invested in the development of the library by increasing the range of resources that students have at their disposal. We work to incorporate new technology, stock new books for all reading levels, and stay current on cutting-edge research in education systems. We also ensure the availability of up-to-date AP and SAT prep books and subscribe to a number of excellent magazines. In addition, the library networks with suppliers such as Scholastic and Mallory International, as well as local shops, to keep our shelves stocked with interesting books.

We are open during school days and are happy to serve students, teachers and parents. The library’s comfortable and quiet atmosphere is a great place to do research for a paper or to just relax with a great book. Our librarians are friendly and competent and dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of our international and local community.

We hope you come by to visit us and see all that our library has to offer!