Food Services

Lunch Service

Heritage International School aims to provide delicious and nutritious meals for our students with plenty of fruit and vegetables. Our dedicated kitchen staff observe effective food hygiene policies and use all-natural ingredients to prepare and serve fresh & hot lunches daily. 

An international menu is published monthly and weekly in the School Newsletter (HIS Connections). All lunches are nut-free and alternative options are available for vegetarians, non-pork eaters, and pre-registered dietary requirements. All lunches consist of age-appropriate portion sizes, servings of fruit & vegetables, and water is provided with each meal.

Elementary lunches are served family-style and each table allocation has students from different grades supervised by a teacher to ensure proper lunch etiquette. 

Our cafeteria is equipped with microwaves for use by any students who choose to bring a packed lunch from home.

Payment for school lunches is made at the beginning of each semester and is non-refundable.

Snack Bar

Our snack bar or canteen is intended to provide convenience for our students who have not packed a snack from home and is open during recess breaks and after school. It is stocked with an assortment of pre-packaged items including crisps or chips, bottled drinks, yoghurt, fruits, and a fresh baked item is sold daily. All items are reasonably priced with the cost ranging from 1,000 to 3,000 Uganda shillings. Snack purchases for elementary and middle school students are limited to upto two items to ensure that our younger students are able to eat lunch.