High School

At Heritage, we seek to educate the whole child and encourage our students to discover and maximize their full potential. Academics, sports, character development, and students’ emotional, mental and spiritual well-being drive all we do at school. Our high school program is designed from a combination of several international programs so as to meet the diverse needs of our learners. Courses for different subjects are drawn mainly from the American and British curriculum with local adaptations made where needed. Devotions, weekly chapels, youth groups, annual retreats and mission trips are designed to ensure our students thrive spiritually.










High School Curriculum

Students graduate with a high school diploma when they successfully meet all the graduation requirements. They embark on this journey in Grade 9 as all their assessments count towards their final Grade Point Average (GPA) in Grade 12. Currently our GPA is weighted on a scale of 4 for regular courses. Students are required to study Mathematics, English, Science, and Social Science. In addition to the main courses, students study courses in Physical Education, Bible, Foreign Language and Electives. We  offer a wide variety of electives, including Band, Art, Psychology, Engineering, IT, Life Skills and Creative Writing, among others. 

Adaptive Learning

Students in high school learn mainly on a digital platform: content and assignments are made available on Google classroom. High-speed internet is available on campus which allows students and teachers to access  educational resources online, with ease.

Challenging and Customizable Courses

Students who want to challenge themselves are offered a variety of Advanced Placement (AP) courses in Sciences, Mathematics, Humanities and Information Technology. These courses are externally examined by the College Board in May and students who meet the standards in the exams are eligible to earn college credits while still in high school. Many leading universities from around the world recognize AP courses. Students in Grade 9 and 10 participate in Iowa Assessments, which are standardized tests. Additionally, Heritage is a recognized SAT testing center. In June 2021 our first cohort of Year 10 students took IGCSE exams in English and Mathematics.

At the end of their time in High School, students will have earned their High School Diploma: this is a credit-based diploma based on numbers of courses completed during High School based on the US/Carnegie credit system. The minimum number of credits required for graduation is 24 and many students surpass this requirement.  Students can choose to supplement this with SAT scores which are offered at different times throughout the year. Our students have gained into universities across the world including the United States of American, the UK, Canada, Uganda, Kenya, Asian and other European countries, with many of them awarded scholarships to support them in their next phase.

Holistic Education

Our students are required to participate in community service as part of their graduation requirements, and they are strongly encouraged to participate in  the Duke of Edinburgh Award, Bronze level, as a means of fulfilling this requirement. Students are offered opportunities to participate in educational trips, both locally and regionally. 

Wendy van Zyl

High School Principal

A teaching background that spans across South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, and Paraguay, Wendy has cultivated a global perspective on education. Her journey led her and her family to Uganda in 2023. She assumed the position of principal in August 2023. She is committed to foster a vibrant, nurturing space where teachers and students can thrive. 

For any additional information, feel free to email principalhs@heritage.co.ug