Heritage leadership is Christ centered and focused on the development of the school at both the board of governors level and the administration level. All members of the board of governors are appointed by the different Christian mission organizations that own and operate the school. The board’s main focus is on developing policies that will ensure the smooth operation of the school based on biblical principles and guiding the overall development of the school. The day-to-day operation of the school is the responsibility of the Head of School and the admin team. The Head of school reports to the board of governors and participates in board meetings with members of the admin team.

Board Members

Tim Stevenson

Chair of the Board

Tim Stevenson is the current Chair of the board at Heritage, representing the Church of God Mission. He is a passionate builder who has been serving on the Board since Heritage began in 1994, and continues to be a visionary for Heritage’s growing campus. Tim has been married for 40 years and is the father of four grown children and three grandchildren. Two of his children attended Heritage from junior kindergarten to graduation, and his grandchildren are currently enrolled in the school. 

Colleen Stevenson

Board Secretary

Colleen Stevenson serves as the current board secretary, and representative of Kinderhilfswerk (KIDS). She is a developmental missionary who has worked in developing numerous local schools under the Church of God East Africa. Colleen was part of the initial ladies group that had a vision to start Heritage. Living most of her life in East Africa, first as a missionary kid and now as a missionary, Colleen has been married for 40 years and has four children and three grandchildren.

Lisa Mayo

Board Representative

Lisa Mayo serves as the board representative for World Gospel Mission Uganda (WGM). Lisa is a passionate educator, having worked in the education field for 30 years, as a classroom teacher, teacher trainer, curriculum coordinator, secondary school principal, board member and educational consultant. Lisa is married and has two sons, both of whom attended Heritage from early years through to their high school graduation.

Joy Forney

Board Representative

Joy Forney serves as the current board representative for Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF).  Joy and her husband Dave have six children, two of which have graduated from Heritage. They have called Uganda home for 8 years, and lived in Indonesia for 8 years prior. Most of Joy’s time has been spent caring for her family at home, and she is heavily involved in her local community, running regular activities for the children. She is a contributing author for several published book and speaks for conferences, retreats, and online seminars.

Samuli Rydenfelt

Board Representative

Samuli Rydenfelt serves as the current board representative for FIDA International.

Sarah Montgomery

Board Representative

Sarah Montgomery serves as the current board representative for the Parent-Teacher Fellowship. 

Administration Leadership

Daniel Muttiah

Head of School

Daniel is an adult third culture kid with experiences of growing up in Sri Lanka, Nigeria, and Canada. He is a physics, mathematics, and computer studies teacher with 20+ years of experience of working in education in Uganda and Canada. Daniel first served at Heritage in 2004 and has served 5 years at the school since then at different times. 

Laura Agaba

Elementary Principal

Laura Agaba has worked for Heritage for over 25 years. She started her career in the classroom, and has served as our Elementary Principal since 2011. Since the day our doors opened her goal has remained the same: provide our students with quality wholistic education in a nurturing Christian environment.

Linzi Clarke

Middle School Principal

Linzi moved from the UK to Uganda with her husband and 2 daughters in 2010. Since school, her 2 favourite subjects continue to be Physical Education (PE) AND Religious Studies (RS). She taught in the UK and Lebanon prior to Joining Heritage in 2011. She is passionate about instilling lifelong love of physical activity and a desire for spiritual health in her students.

Titus Mburu

High School Principal

Titus was born and raised in Kenya. He began his career teaching at international schools in Nairobi before transitioning to teaching in the United States. He joined Heritage in 2012, where he taught secondary English and Social Studies. Titus has served as our secondary principal since 2018, and continues to meet individualized student needs in our growing campus.