Middle School

Middle school is an exciting, yet challenging stage in a student’s life. Students navigate their way through social interactions and at the same time seek to balance their academics and  extracurricular activities. Our role is to provide a safe environment for them to learn and develop values such as respect, responsibility, integrity and care for other people. 










Middle School Curriculum

We offer students a broad-based and balanced curriculum, and students take core courses in English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Additional courses include Bible, Music, French, Art, Physical Education, Life Skills, and Information Technology.

Student learning is assessed in multiple ways to provide a comprehensive and accurate picture of your child’s learning. Students in Grades 6 – 8 sit for standardized tests (Iowa Assessments) with the aim of ascertaining how well students meet the academic goals for the grade level.

Opportunities for  extracurricular activities include participation in performing arts, sports, and tournament of the minds. 

As students transition into high school, they are given an induction in Grade 8 to prepare them for the next stage of their educational journey.

Teachers NameGoogle Form Link
Mr William Katumbahttps://forms.gle/9opuQgV2e2d2irM8A
Mr. Geoffrey Lufananahttps://forms.gle/RC4DUKHzMYQh5gpb8
Mrs Fionah Mulemahttps://forms.gle/isMVjBjsopJt1HRF9
Debby Williamshttps://forms.gle/QGPFUPJr6DbhYvD27
Kathryn Rutledgehttps://forms.gle/MGMV6ij5g2MJJpnCA
Joshua Orredhttps://forms.gle/bw8vpi714jS47n7w8
Mr. Henry Lubingahttps://forms.gle/vTPSquL4rmG18QEp8
Joy Kamogahttps://forms.gle/YDFHb3zvfuCLgz1R6
Bridget Nakiwalahttps://forms.gle/MfX3x5fcnqWGvqTBA
Coach Jordan Mayohttps://forms.gle/eGBmYp4FqoASjbSb7
Celeste Sinclairhttps://forms.gle/gs3wjqAgR5rqgvKS6
Nicholas Mukaayahttps://forms.gle/mBb5R8DR3sqqyYua7
Justin Williamshttps://forms.gle/1oS7ZsQwTpqn3nR78
Kristy Katumbahttps://forms.gle/eF4uvaZdmdpdwb2m8
Logi Muttiahhttps://forms.gle/V3TVzspRekebGsSZ8
Linzi Clarkehttps://forms.gle/jGyvnchyJRHGBoB59
Coach Roger Serunyigohttps://forms.gle/vjfpvJxQq3hj7tRH7
Mr. Malko Tshibangu K.https://forms.gle/xZmzWvEMNLx52C6Y9
Victoria Kalibeita (ES/S)https://forms.gle/dDQXfBTHxpiHnm9n6
Mrs Carol Smithhttps://forms.gle/uDRwBcsBwqV6hdp56
Alfred Mukasahttps://forms.gle/NNhajp5wDE83jeDX7
Micah Andersonhttps://forms.gle/UKaKKHGCpyzp3CZK6
Sonja Morrishttps://forms.gle/9Eb5YQ8H4pgNBdZZ7
Grace Homeyerhttps://forms.gle/kZmVDSM4vToxD3Jo6
Student Support Services 
Trudy Kipterit
(8:00 – 12:30pm)
Teddy Kavumahttps://forms.gle/AcDEHzTdbd4VQ4jK6
Deborah Mbugahttps://forms.gle/1m8qFWCAqU7U8pb27
Sally Mitchellhttps://forms.gle/k8R2agHaCc8UyUqM6
Bertha Kizitohttps://forms.gle/9doB6RBCgdMkT2rY9
Ronald Mulugohttps://forms.gle/3SNE8RX4FasyisTy5
Daniel Muttiahhttps://forms.gle/ZqdwgCnpyXW5K8Bj6
Titus Mburuhttps://forms.gle/ScdPFhWvaWUmuEL28

Linzi Clarke

Middle School Principal

Linzi moved from the UK to Uganda with her husband and 2 daughters in 2010. Since school, her 2 favorite subjects continue to be Physical Education (PE) and Religious Studies (RS). She taught in the UK and Lebanon prior to Joining Heritage in 2011. She is passionate about instilling lifelong love of physical activity and a desire for spiritual health in her students.

For any additional information, feel free to email principalms@heritage.co.ug