The Music Department has seen huge investment and growth, and attendance at any of our five yearly concerts often overflows our Chapel. Recent additions include an October Concert for Kids, a Staff Choir, a Pep Band, and a Jazz Band. Other exciting changes are a recent move into purpose-built classrooms for Primary and Secondary Visual Arts and Primary Music. We are now offering our most skilled students the opportunities to play in our live pit bands and to join our Student Performance Committee, and we have several student artists who also help out with costume and set design.

Music Curriculum

In Early Years, students cover singing, action songs & playing untuned percussion instruments such as maracas & drums. The songs are usually linked to a related curriculum theme, such as animals or parts of the body. The emphasis is always on having fun through musical exploration!

In Elementary, students begin to study the elements of music (rhythm, tempo, pulse etc.) through performance on tuned & untuned percussion instruments, as well as recorders & students’ own instruments (clarinet, violin etc). Students have a chance to compose their own music & perform for others. Music is fun as well as educational, whether played, sung or created!

Middle School students continue to build on the foundational elements covered in Elementary. They also choose an instrument to focus on and develop their skills further in. Students have opportunities to perform at curricular concerts every semester.

In High School, students can choose to participate in music electives such as High School Band.

Private instrumental lessons are available after school for a variety of instruments including flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, violin, guitar & piano. Instruments can be borrowed from the school.