At Heritage International School, all students in Elementary and Secondary participate in a broad and balanced physical education program, which emphasizes both physical fitness and skill development. We aim to instill a lifelong love sport and physical activity by engaging all students in active and enjoyable lessons. Our PE team currently consists of teachers from Uganda, UK, and USA and we strongly believe that students learn important life lessons in PE such as leadership skills, co-operation and problem-solving.

We are members of the ISSAK league (International School Sports Association of Kampala), competing in an annual one-day swimming, track and field and cross-country event, and regular fixtures in Football (Soccer), Basketball and Volleyball. We are also a founding member school of the ICSA tournament (International Christian Schools of Africa), an annual 3-day tournament hosted on a rotation basis by member schools from Kenya, Senegal, Tanzania, Ethiopia and. Ghana. We have had students receive sports scholarships for Universities in the U.S.A and also have course approval by the National College Athletic Association (NCAA).  

At Heritage, the sports available to the students are:


Elementary and Secondary students participate in ISSAK Swimming Galas organized throughout the year. The events include short sprint races, endurance races and relay races. Students need to already know how to swim to be eligible for the swim team.

Football (Soccer)

Season 1 (U13, U16, and U20) and Season 2 (U9 and U11) – The football teams are available to both boys and girls at Heritage and compete in the ISSAK league.

Cross Country and Track & Field

The athletics season runs from January to March. The season includes an ISSAK Secondary Track and Field event and ISSAK Cross Country events for Elementary and Secondary. The track and field events include sprints, distance runs, jumping, throwing, etc. The cross country events features long-distance runs increasing in distance according to the age groups.


Season 1 (U9 and U11) and Season 2 (U13, U16, and U20) – Heritage has both boys and girls teams. Games are played against fellow ISSAK schools.


(U13, U16, and U20) – The volleyball season runs from April to May. Volleyball is the newest addition to the ISSAK league. Both boys and girls teams are available.

Heritage Soccer Academy

The Heritage Soccer Academy meets most Saturdays from 9-11:30AM at Heritage. Children of all ages are trained to improve their general soccer skills and have fun while enjoying the game. Students have the opportunity to play against different academies around Kampala through scheduled friendly games. The academy coaches are passionate about transforming students into all-round players that will greatly contribute to their teams and have a brighter football future. Heritage Soccer Academy is open to Heritage students as well as others from the community. 

Rising Stars Basketball Program

The Rising Stars Basketball Program applies technical basketball instructions, intensive drill sequences and guided game situational play from the industry’s most proven coaches. Athletes in the basketball program receive position-specific instruction, mental conditioning, speed training and ongoing analysis for continued improvement. Apart from the Basketball skills development, the coaches and facilitators impart valuable life skills to help the athletes become better students, responsible citizens and healthier individuals. The Rising Stars Basketball Program is for boys and girls ages 5 through 19 and runs most Saturdays from 9-11:30AM at Heritage.