Special Events

Special events are an opportunity to come together as a community to get to know each other, have some fun and also contribute towards making Heritage a special place.

International Dinner

The International dinner is a signature event each year to represent the beauty of diversity that God has given us.  The program celebrates the different countries of our school through food, music, and dance.  Each country represented at our school is asked to host a table that offers a signature dish or dishes that represent the country.  Along with the food, country hosts can decorate and share a 2-3 minute performance from their country.   This beautiful event that has been an annual hit due to the participation and generosity of time and resources by everyone in the Heritage community. 

Rain Festival

Rain festival is a costume and candy event that brings our Heritage community together for an evening of fun and fellowship. Students have fun with dressing up, collecting candy, participating in fun games, and riding the school tractor.

Community Outreach

In keeping with our mission mindset, we hope to show God’s love through acts of service. We try to keep connected with our local community in outreach to those less fortunate. As our School has 5 owner missions, we have several areas that we can pour into. As staff, we partner with these organizations to give of our time, and our students have the opportunity to fundraise and give back to the families in our neighboring area. Our main goal is to foster an environment of giving and servanthood, where we can emulate Jesus and be the light to those around us.