Student Support Services

At Heritage we pride ourselves on our warm, welcoming and inclusive environment for students with mild to moderate learning challenges or differences. Our support is offered according to the needs of the child. A student will be referred to our Student Support Services through teacher observation and in communication with the parents. 

We then assign a point person from within the department who will oversee the provision of support that we put in place. This includes:

  • Offering support sessions
  • Conducting Person-Centred Reviews
  • Writing IEPs
  • Executing achievement assessments
  • Liaising with parents and class teachers 
  • Dealing holistically with any other concerns as they arise.

We offer inclusive education, therefore our aim is to offer support in class as much as possible, supplementing this with literacy/numeracy catch-up programmes, or bespoke sensory and wellbeing activities as needed. Some of our students receive additional support from a Personal Assistant to ensure reaching their fullest potential.

English as an Additional Language

Our EAL students are evaluated on arrival at Heritage and we implement the support needed to ensure that students attain the language level that enables them to access grade level content in all subject areas. High School admission will be dependent on a good proficiency of English prior to entering the school.


At Heritage, we support our students throughout the challenges of life. We have a School Counselor who can offer one-to-one confidential support along with our School Chaplain, caring Teachers, Principals and School Nurses, all of whom are available to offer emotional or pastoral support where needed. We have also recently started a wellbeing program in Sports, Music, Dance and Art to provide students creative outlets to manage and regulate their own emotions, social experiences and behaviors, with an emphasis on students learning new skills and building their creativity, confidence, resilience and self-esteem.

We take mental health seriously and can offer advice and support if you or your family are going through a particularly difficult time. We have trusted professionals that we work with and are happy to advise you as needed.