We believe that a commitment to adaptive learning requires a significant investment in technology. Our focus on technology is to ultimately support and improve the learning of our students. Technology is also used in our operations to improve the services offered by the school internally and externally. Our forward thinking movement to integrate newer technology in the learning of our students was recognized by the Research and Education Network of Uganda (RENU) in 2019 and we were the first K-12 institution to be accepted as a member organization with RENU.

Educational Technology

Educational technology can be an effective tool to deliver our curriculum. Here are some of the educational technology tools that are currently in use at the school:

  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Google Suite collaboration tools
  • Mobile and fixed computing facilities
  • Vex and Lego WeDo Robotics
  • Arduinos
  • Mobile data collection for science experiment
  • Cloud based educational software tools
  • Learning management system
  • Cloud based student performance monitoring system

Technology Infrastructure

Over the years we have progressively improved our technology infrastructure at the school to support the learning needs of our students. We have a campus wide fiber optic backbone, a WIFI network, backup power system, broadband internet, cloud based data and process management systems, and hardware to meet the needs of delivering a quality educational program.