Like the student population, the Heritage Creative Arts Department is growing rapidly.  Our Theatre Department has been broadening the variety of its productions from ambitious Broadway hits such as Annie and Beauty and the Beast to the lesser known but charming A Year with Frog and Toad. 

 We are also now offering our most skilled students the opportunities to play in our live pit bands and to join our Student Performance Committee and we have several student artists who also help out with costume and set design. Our Visual Arts Department alongside a dynamic curriculum also presents exciting and engaging exhibitions at the end of each semester and offers opportunities for Fine Art skill and knowledge acquisition right up until Grade 12. 

The Music Department has seen huge investment and growth, and attendance at any of our five yearly concerts often overflows our Chapel. Recent additions include an October Concert for Kids, a Staff Choir, a Pep Band, and a Jazz Band.  Other exciting changes are a recent move into purpose-built classrooms for Primary and Secondary Visual Arts and Primary Music and we have also hired an Arts Technician who provides an expert level of support for our numerous concerts and performances. 

As we look forward, there are other exciting developments coming, including new classrooms, fully independent audio-visual systems, and curricular changes that will continue to ensure that our provision is world class!