Transport Services

Heritage International School (HIS) offers bus services for students living in selected residential areas in Kampala, with bus routes offered for morning pick-up and after school drop-off.  Late buses are available for students involved in enrichment and official after school activities from Monday through Thursday.

In accordance with our Child Protection Policy, each driver is accompanied by a chaperone at all times. The chaperones monitor students to ensure that they wear seat belts and observe proper etiquette & our school bus guidelines.

HIS works with various security agencies to provide information and security measures to ensure that our buses and routes are safe. All buses are equipped with tracking devices which provide convenience for transport planning, and the tracking information is only available to the school and parents with a child on each bus. 

There is an extra charge for the bus service and payment is made in the Finance Office at the beginning of each semester.

Please contact the Operations Manager at:, with any questions.