Visual Arts

The Arts department of Heritage International School seeks to speak to the whole child by strengthening their divergent thinking skills, developing their imagination, and encouraging their intimacy with God.  Art is a unique way to discuss truth, beauty, and culture.  Other skills obtained through practice of the Arts include courage to be creative, perseverance through obstacles, and commitment to excellence.  Through the Arts, students at Heritage have an opportunity to discover more fully that they are made in His image.

In art class, students begin to understand that every person can create because we were made in the image of the greatest Creator of all! Students are not allowed to quit when they are frustrated and some of the best pieces come from that determination.  Students are constantly learning new skills and surprising themselves.  Even those who are not the best artists begin to realize that their piece is real art. Art is a required course from Kindergarten through Grade 8. High school students may take electives that focus on particular skills such as sketching and drawing, watercolors, and more.